Policy LINK Short-term CLAME Associate, Part-time or Full-time

Posted: June 11, 2024

Position:CLAME (Collaborating, Learning, Adapting, Monitoring & Evaluation) Associate
Location:Remote: US East Coast time zone (UTC-4 and UTC-5)
Contract Name:USAID/Feed the Future Policy LINK Project
Status:Short Term Technical Assistance, Part-time or Full-time
Period of Performance:July – December 2024
Total Level of Effort:30-50 days LOE
Supervisor:Monica Matts, Director of Strategic Learning


The seven-year (2019 – 2026) Feed the Future Policy Leadership, Interactions, Networks and Knowledge (Policy LINK or LINK) project will strengthen the capacity of local actors and institutions to lead and manage the agricultural transformation process and contribute effectively and collectively to improved, broad-based food security policy outcomes. Specifically, the program aims to strengthen food security policy systems by investing in and reinforcing productive human and social capital and developing strategic partnerships that help bring these innovations and capacity investments to scale in order to achieve a critical mass of local actors with the ability and opportunity to effect positive policy change through collective action.

Policy LINK is a global program that plays an integral role in transforming agricultural policy systems worldwide and improving food security outcomes in line with the U.S. Global Food Security Strategy and advancing countries on their journeys to self-reliance. Rather than developing policies or directing policy-making processes outright, LINK strengthens the capacity of local actors and institutions to lead agricultural transformation processes in their respective countries and regions. It builds on USAID’s and DAI’s almost nine years of experience on the Africa Leadership Training and Capacity Building Program (Africa Lead) and Building Capacity for African Agricultural Transformation (Africa Lead II).


Policy LINK employs a facilitative approach to strengthen the capacity of system actors and foster collective action to transform agricultural policy systems, and as such, employs a flexible learning and evidence-building approach based on Collaborating, Learning, Adapting, Monitoring, and Evaluation (CLAME) and implemented through a Developmental Evaluation (DE). DE is the continuous adaptation of interventions and learning through the use of evaluative thinking and tools. DEs are methodologically agnostic and utilization-focused. They adjust as the project changes to deliver contextualized and emergent findings on an ongoing basis to inform learning and adapting. Policy LINK’s DE includes a project/global-level DE, as well as DE Leads embedded in buy-in offices in Ghana and Ethiopia (Champions for Food Security, C4FS).

The DE team is conducting evaluation and learning that will require future support on the following Policy LINK activities: Outcome Tracking and Emergent Outcome Harvest, Communities of Practice, Bangladesh Buy-In, Ethiopia Champions for Food Secruity (C4FS). In order to respond to increased work volume facilitate use of the study findings, the DE team needs to process and analyze the incoming data quickly. As we have learned from previous engagements, a timely turn-around necessitates short-term assistance to support full-time staff. The proposed consultants would work with the DE team to code qualitative data from interviews, focus group discussions, supplementary text documentation, and any other qualitative data sources in Dedoose, conduct primary and secondary analysis of the data, and assist in drafting findings and conclusions.


The proposed consultants will have experience in qualitative research and coding and a background in international development.

Associates will have a Master’s degree in a relevant field and 2-4 years of related experience.

Tasks and Deliverables

The CLAME Associate is responsible for working with the DE team to:

  • Conduct qualitative analysis (including data coding) on existing documentation, provided data sets, and newly collected data
  • Draft findings, conclusions, and recommendations, based on qualitative analysis
  • Contribute to drafting reports or other learning products, based on analysis
  • Maintain trackers on progress
  • Contribute to individual and team work planning and coordination
  • Regularly participate in team communications to maintain consistency and quality assurance throughout data collection and analysis
  • Provide quality assurance of all deliverables


The Short-Term CLAME Associates for Headlight Consulting Services, will report to the CLAME Lead for Headlight, Monica Matts.


The hourly rate for a short-term CLAME Associate position will be between $25-40/hour depending on experience, education, and other qualifications.

How to Apply

Candidates should be comfortable working with a team that primarily operates in the US East Coast time zone (UTC-4 from March through October and UTC-5 from November through February).

Interested persons should send a CV and Cover Letter that highlights experience aligned with the requirements above to info@headlightconsultingservices.com. Please include in the subject line of your email, “Policy LINK Short-term CLAME Associate.”