Sustainable solutions
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decision making

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What We Do

Headlight Consulting Services, LLC delivers data-driven decision making through systematic design support, in-depth monitoring, evaluation, and learning technical services, and facilitated organizational change processes. Headlight offers fit-for-purpose, agile solutions to improve the efficiency and efficacy of international development programs around the globe, focusing on the structures and systems that will enable sustainable solutions.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

We leverage industry standard best practice, rigorous qualitative methods, and a utilization-focused approach to design and implement monitoring and evaluation services to meet client needs. Our approach ensures deliverables will have actionable data delivered in digestible formats to enable data-driven decision making and sustainable adaptive management practices.

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Systems Thinking

We provide the assessments, mapping, and facilitation needed to fully understand the system in which clients’ operate and ensure programs can have maximum impact on that system through efficient use of resources, effective partnering, and clear pathways to ecosystem-level change.

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Strategy Development

We utilize best practices in systems thinking, human-centered design, and sustainability planning to assist clients in developing targeted strategies, from Agency-wide priorities to transformative reorganizations. We provide evidence-driven strategy development and facilitate smooth transitions with quick wins for continued momentum.

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Organizational Change Management

We deliver targeted support to help clients effectively and efficiently transition. We work to understand clients’ needs, challenges, and untapped opportunities, utilizing a data- driven approach and robust facilitation toolbox to unlock systems and ensure adaptations are owned by everyone they affect for long-term success.

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