Outcome Harvesting Methods Memo

The Outcome Harvesting Methods Memo is the first in a series of products intended to provide guidance for professionals of all levels to implement stronger CLAME practices. Headlight’s free Methods Memos offer detailed how-to guidance, making best practices more accessible so that we can all uphold and contextualize the standards that lead to rigorous evidence

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Partnering With Global Alliances: USAID’s Contributions To Ecosystem Outcomes

The Digital Financial Services (DFS) team at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) conducts an annual effort to identify models or examples of success that demonstrate the achievement of the team’s objectives and lessons learned for replication and scale. In 2021, Headlight worked with the DFS team to examine and substantiate outcomes achieved

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The Mission Engagement Playbook

Many Headquarters (HQ) Operating Units at the Agency depend on successful engagement and productive working relationships with Missions. The objective of these partnerships is often to achieve sustained uptake with a given Mission. Sustained uptake is the transference of full ownership and valuation of an innovation, approach, or technical expertise to a Mission, such that

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