Locally-Led Developmental Evaluation Advantages and Limitations: The Case of Headlight Consulting Services

By: Endashaw Beshir, Esrael Woldeyesus, Tseday Tilahun, Yitbarek Woldetensay, and Yomif Worku Introduction Development and humanitarian challenges are local in nature; hence, effective humanitarian and development assistance requires an inclusive approach that centers local actors throughout all aspects of the work (USAID, 2022; USAID Learning Lab, 2022). Locally-led development improves the participatory process and enhances

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Being a DE Admin – How the Role Shifts When Focusing on Locally-Led DEs

By Chelsie Kuhn and Julie Mandolini-Trummel Now that we have reminded readers of what DEs are, when DEs are the right fit, and how to determine if their project is ready for a DE, we wanted to share a bit more about one of the essential roles for implementing a DE—the DE Administrator. This post

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