Raising the Bar Report

Commissioned by the Alliance for Peacebuilding and published in March 2019, the Raising the Bar Report explores the monitoring and evaluation requirements of peacebuilding funders. Practitioners and policymakers are beginning to embrace and develop greater capacity in a far wider range of design, monitoring, evaluation, and learning (DMEL) tools and methodologies. The next challenge for the peacebuilding evaluation field is to foster a more rigorous culture of DMEL amongst implementers, donors, and policymakers, fostering both depth and breadth of DMEL practice to support more effective, efficient, accountable, and adaptive peacebuilding programming. A crucial element of this work is a collaboration with policymakers and private donors, who can use their influence to encourage stronger DMEL practice through their requirements for peacebuilding programming. Currently, peacebuilding funders have varying DMEL requirements, expectations, and internal capacity related to their proposal and grant management processes. This study provides a high-level analysis of DMEL requirements across funding types to assess similarities, differences, and best practices. Actionable recommendations, based on the findings, are provided for peacebuilding funders to strengthen support for more effective peacebuilding DMEL.

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