Implementing Developmental Evaluation for Evaluators and Administrators Guide

Commissioned by USAID and published in 2019, the Implementing Developmental Evaluation: A Practical Guide for Evaluators and Administrators serves as a How-To reference for those trying to navigate the dynamics and complexities of implementing Developmental Evaluations (DEs). Co-written by Headlight’s CEO Rebecca Herrington along with staff at Search For Common Ground; Social Impact, Inc.; The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan; and USAID, the guide draws from various experiences implementing DEs for USAID and from other contexts that may provide relevant learning to DEs. This reference provides practical advice through 10 modules on everything from Preparing to Start a DE to Planning the Acculturation Workshop to Being Embedded so that readers can quickly find what they need as they are using the guide in real-time implementation. Readers are encouraged to explore some or all of the modules and draw from them (or not!) in whatever way best suits their needs.

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